Improving Your Car

Improving Your Car

Aftermarket Parts Vs. New OEM Parts

If you choose to take your car to a mechanic other than the dealership, or if you do repairs yourself, you need to know the difference between aftermarket parts and new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Aftermarket parts are made by different manufacturers but work on many types of cars, and OEM parts are made for that specific automobile by the manufacture

3 Tips When Searching For Auto Parts In A Junkyard

Many people love restoring old automobiles themselves. The problem, however, is finding the original parts to repair the vehicle. One great way to find auto parts is by visiting a junkyard in your area. Junkyards are often jam-packed with items you may need. If you are considering going to a junkyard for auto parts, check out these three tips first. Stay Safe Start by

OEM Or Aftermarket Parts? Questions To Ask Yourself

In order to get a good price on a used vehicle, some people buy cars that require a few replacement parts. If you need to update some parts before your car is safe to drive, you may be wondering if you should get Original Equipment Manufacturers parts (OEMs) or aftermarket parts. Both of these parts have their pros and cons, so you'll want to ask yourself some questio

2 Dangers Of Driving With A Busted Bumper On Your Car

If you were recently involved in a small collision, your car's bumper may have been cracked. While you may worry about the damage's effect on the appearance of your vehicle, there are safety issues to consider that are more important than the aesthetics of your car. Below are two reasons it is dangerous to drive with a busted bumper on your car. Impact Cushion Is No L

Helpful Protocol When Maintaining The Garage Door

In order to get in and out of your garage every day, the garage door needs to be in working order. This involves proactive maintenance, which isn't that difficult if you follow this protocol.  Keep Tracks Clear After a while, dirt, debris and other residues can find their way inside the garage door tracks. Although these substances seem insignificant, they could