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Six Things You Can Do To Minimize The Chances That Your Snow Plow Electric Motor Will Break Down

It's important to keep your snow plow's motor in good shape so that it won't break down when you need it. The following are six things you ca do to minimize the chances that your snow plow electric motor won't break down:

Checking all the iron components for wear or rust development

Regularly checking any iron components of the snow plow and motor setup is important for detecting weakened components or rust development. Iron can age and degrade over time, but it can also be repaired or partially replaced to prevent malfunctions. 

In particular, welds and nuts should be inspected because these are the sites where weaknesses most commonly develop and where fortification is most often needed to ensure the integrity of mechanical parts.

Keeping the chrome rods of the hydraulic system well lubricated

If chrome rods are not frequently lubricated, they can easily accumulate contaminants that will eventually get into the snow plow's hydraulic system. Contaminants can damage the motor significantly over time and lead to breakdowns if the contaminant presence starts to degrade mechanical components.

Applying grease to any electrical connections

One of the parts of the snow plow motor setup that is most susceptible to damaging rust development is the electrical connections. Rusted electrical connections will prevent power transfer between electrical components and increase chances of breakdowns. 

Checking that the alternator, battery, and other electrical components have enough power

It's important to check to make sure that the battery is holding a good charge and the alternator is operating properly. Any power issues in the battery or alternator will make a breakdown imminent. 

Draining out all the hydraulic fluid before putting the snow plow into storage

Snow plow equipment needs to be stored for long periods of time over the warm season. It's important to properly prepare snow plow equipment for storage to avoid inadvertently harming it.

One thing that absolutely must be done before a snow plow is put in storage for the season is draining out any hydraulic fluid that is present. Draining out hydraulic fluid will stop moisture from building up in mechanical components that can detract from the motor performance as well as the performance of other components.

Repairing any nicks in the powder coating to prevent rust

Over time, the powder coating over the exterior of mechanical components is likely to become chipped. Chips in this coating could make rust development likely. For this reason, it's important to repair damage to the powder coating promptly so that rust doesn't degrade mechanical components of the snow plow assembly.

Learn more by reaching out to a snow plow electric motors supplier