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Finding Someone To Remove A Junk Car From Your Property

Old or junk vehicles sitting on your property can make the property look bad, and in some cities or towns, you may be asked to remove them by the municipality. Finding someone to remove the cars is not difficult if you know where to look, and there are some services that will pay you for the cars even if they no longer run.

Salvage Yards

When you need junk car removal services, you may find that a local salvage yard is willing to haul old cars away for you. The salvage yard will strip the car of all the good parts and resell them, so getting cars given to them is often a priority. 

While some salvage yards will pay for junk cars, they will often offer to take the vehicle away without charging you in exchange for the vehicle. This is an excellent way to keep overhead down and ensure a steady flow of parts coming into the yard. 

If the salvage operator buys junk cars for cash, they often need to be newer vehicles with many good parts. In rare cases, a vehicle that is in relatively good condition can be repaired with parts from the salvage yard and then sold as a running vehicle, so buying it could be worth the investment to the salvage operator. 

Removal Services

Many areas have junk car removal services springing up because people have realized the potential of selling scrap steel and recycling. If you have a car you need to be removed, search online to see if there is anyone in the area buying junk cars for cash. 

Social media sites that offer a classified section for buying and selling are good places to find these services. If you can't find a service listed, you may want to create a listing for your car, and let people know you are looking for a service to remove it. These junk car removal services will often look for vehicles on these sites that they can buy inexpensively, and if you advertise yours, they may contact you directly. 

When you list the car, be sure to let people know that it does not run and must be removed with a truck or flatbed so that you do not have people contacting you to purchase a running car. 

Many of these junk car removal services will place signs in stores or along the road to find cars. You can call them directly, and they will come to look at the car, make an offer, and then remove the car if you agree to the price.