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2 Dangers Of Driving With A Busted Bumper On Your Car

If you were recently involved in a small collision, your car's bumper may have been cracked. While you may worry about the damage's effect on the appearance of your vehicle, there are safety issues to consider that are more important than the aesthetics of your car. Below are two reasons it is dangerous to drive with a busted bumper on your car.

Impact Cushion Is No Longer Effective

The purpose of your car's bumper is to cushion the impact caused by a minor collision. Because the impact bar beneath the bumper absorbs the shock, the rest of your vehicle is spared from major damage.

However, if your bumper has been damaged during a previous collision, it has already done its job. It is unlikely that it will be able to absorb the impact from another collision.

Because of this inability to cushion another impact, if you were to hit another vehicle or another object with a busted bumper, your car is probably going to take the brunt of the damage, potentially causing major damage to the body or motor. Also, you and your passengers run the risk of being injured during the collision.

Risk of Falling off Going down the Road

Another reason it is dangerous for you to drive with a busted bumper is the increased risk that it will fall off going down the road. Even if it only appears to be cracked on the outside, the internal bar has likely become loose. As the vibrations of driving on the highway loosen the bar even more, the bumper will become more detached, increasing the likelihood that it will fall off completely.

If your bumper falls off while you are driving, this situation presents two types of hazards that could lead to serious injuries. First, if the bumper falls off and strikes another vehicle, it could cause it to wreck. You would be liable for any damages or injuries because of your flying bumper.

Second, the bumper could come off and fall underneath your tire. If this were to happen, you may lose control of your car, potentially causing you to have an accident.

If your bumper is busted up and loose, you should be concerned about the safety of you and your passengers if you continue to drive your car. Instead of continuing to drive in a potentially hazardous situation, contact a service that provides auto bumper repair services so they can inspect your vehicle and discuss available options for getting safely on the road once again. Contact a company, like Flint Bumper Mart, for more help.