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Helpful Protocol When Maintaining The Garage Door

In order to get in and out of your garage every day, the garage door needs to be in working order. This involves proactive maintenance, which isn't that difficult if you follow this protocol. 

Keep Tracks Clear

After a while, dirt, debris and other residues can find their way inside the garage door tracks. Although these substances seem insignificant, they could easily affect the door's function. For example, debris may prevent the door from smoothly gliding across the tracks. Not only is this problem noisy, it could wear down integral parts. 

Avoid these movement issues by always keeping the tracks clear. Use a rag and some warm water to break up debris and residues in these tracks. If you're having a difficult time, you can always use a pressure washer that has a long nozzle. It lets you easily direct where water goes in the tracks, and the pressurized water can break up the stickiest of particles. 

Replace Damaged Rollers 

Another important part of the garage door in terms of movement is the rollers. You need to inspect them a couple of times a month, to ensure they are in tact and not affecting your garage door's performance. If they are worn and have a lot of cracks, you need to replace them immediately.

Make sure you measure the damaged rollers -- so you can select the right size for the replacement. If you're looking for rollers that will last a long time, make sure they are made of steel. However, if you want rollers that are extremely quiet, opt for rollers made out of nylon. 

Test the Door's Balance 

One of the more important maintenance steps for your garage door is testing to see if it's balanced. If it isn't, your garage door won't last as long because it has to work harder compared to balanced doors. 

Before doing anything, disconnect the opener. This should be as easy as pulling the release cord. Then, lift the garage door up to your midsection and let it go -- making sure your feet and other body parts are out of the way. If the garage door does fall down, the springs are not balanced. They will then need to be adjusted professionally, for safety reasons.

The garage door is an important extension of your home, and as such, you need to take proper care of it throughout the years. This doesn't have to be that difficult if you keep a consistent routine and exercise extreme caution when inspecting and replacing parts.